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Saudi Sirocco Records is looking for male and female  recording artists of Arabic or middle east descent for its debut albums. 

 Not Arabic?  Don't worry we will soon be recruiting artists for our label from all genres of music and any nationality .   Stay tuned and visit our website frequently for updates. If you fit what we're looking for right now, please drop us a line or recording demo:



We are presently seeking interested film companies to partner with us  for our initial, full length movie "HEMOBLAST",

the premiere release for Saudi Sirocco Films . All interested parties please send  an e-mail to:



Coming in to theaters everywhere in 2024

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On May 7, 2016, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia announced  a  royal decree which included 67 announcements. Among the restructured and renewed councils, The General Authority for Entertainment was formed in direct response to the fact that the Saudi Government spent 22 billion dollars in 2015 in tourism costs outside the Kingdom. The Saudi Government now hopes to transform 25% of the annual tourism spending outside of the Kingdom into money spent on tourism inside Saudi Arabia, and to nurture a previously unaddressed entertainment sector. Subsequently, the Saudi Vision 2030 plan was born. The Saudi Vision 2030 plan aims to raise capital toward the underdeveloped entertainment sector, in all forms while seeking to safeguard Saudi Arabia’s precious cultural heritage.

One of the key factors of the Saudi Vision 2030 is to boost participation and opportunities for Saudi Arabian youth.

Saudi Sirocco Entertainment L.L.C.. founded in the spring of 2019, is a direct correlation for the need to provide training and subsequent jobs in all sectors of entertainment for Saudi youth (male and females) in the primary ages 17-25. Saudi Sirocco Entertainment L.L.C., (a separate entity from

The General Authority for Entertainment, Saudi Arabia) was founded as an adjunct or supplemental company and service to The General Authority for Entertainment, not as a competitor to The General Authority For Entertainment. Saudi Sirocco Entertainment L.L.C. in fact seeks the graces and assistance of The General Authority for Entertainment, the Saudi Arabian Public Fund, the Saudi Arabian Government, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

The brand name, “Saudi Sirocco” (meaning “the warm and creative Saudi wind”) was developed to assist in bringing new tourists to Saudi Arabia’s growing tourism industry and new opportunities in entertainment in all sectors to Saudi youth. Saudi Sirocco Entertainment L.L.C. was founded to assist with training ( two years of training for each of the six divisions) and subsequent employment  for Saudi youth beginning no later than 2023. 

Additionally, this company will assist with the hiring of hundreds of entertainment professionals in various sectors from around the world to teach Saudi trainees in the Kingdom and in the United States. Following the tragic and unfortunate incident involving Journalist Jamal Khashoggi last fall, Saudi Arabia as a nation has taken a  severe public relations hit  around the globe.  Nothing will help lift or repair this image more than seeing a new, vibrant form of entertainment and creativity emitting from its most wonderful people - putting a  face of  positive contribution in the arts  from the people of the Kingdom. 

Saudi Vision 2030

Learn and read more about the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030 plan.  Click below to view a message directly from the King of Saudi  Arabia and Crown Prince MBS.

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